I’ve been a very good girl today – I’ve finished, not one, but two things! Three, if you count my sunflower, but that’s ExTex, not knitting.
The proof is here:
Image hosted by
That’s the flower basket shawl from Interweave Knits autumn 2004 and Via Diagonale from the latest issue of Knitty.
The bag came out a bit too floppy for my liking, so I quilted the lining and used some washing line with a wire core inside the handles. It just gives it a bit more substance. There was some fabric left over from the lining, so I think I’ll make a needle roll for all my dpns; at present they just roll around in the bottom of my “Knitting tidy” (there’s a misnomer for you – it’s anything but tidy) and I can never find the set I need.
I need someone with very narrow shoulders to donate the shawl to – as I’ve said before, I didn’t bother to do a test swatch even though I was using completely different yarn from the one suggested, and the shawl barely wraps around my shoulders. Still, it was nice knitting it!
I have now started the Viennese shrug from Interweave Knits Summer 2005.
Image hosted by
This will be for Lucy so obviously it had to be black. I think it will look quite dramatic in black although it’s difficult to knit with……………maybe I should get my eyes tested or get a brighter light.
On an entirely different note (no pun intended) I’m planning to get out my viola tonight. My other half works in a music shop and came home with some Tchaikowsky and some Vaughn-Williams transcribed for the viola – just thank your lucky stars that this isn’t an audio blog!



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6 responses to “Finished

  1. peri

    The shawl looks really beatiful, lovely work.

  2. Annie

    Thank you Peri, I just wish it was a bit bigger! There’s plenty of wool left so maybe I’ll have another go.

  3. Emily

    oooh you can donate your shawl to me i love it!

  4. Becky

    That shawl is fab – do you know anyone who’s having a baby – it would make a lovely baby wrap – it looks gorgeous – was it really difficult to do ?

  5. Annie

    Sadly, it’s not really big enough for a baby wrap; in fact it’s not really big enough for anything! The measurement along the longest side of the triangle is only about 48 inches. It wasn’t difficult, the pattern was charted so it was quite easy to follow.

  6. Steph

    Your knitting is beautiful! You could always try selling your shawl on ebay if you can’t find anyone who wants it. Or give it away via a draw or competition here!

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