Not much to report really; since finishing the “Sonnet” cardi, I have tried very hard (well, quite hard) to stick to one project and see it through to the end – namely the aran style chair cover that I started back in January.
I have come to the conclusion that I have no will-power, no self-discipline and absolutely no staying power. I finished the cardi just over a week ago and duly got on with the sixth section (out of 10 or 11) of the chair cover. By the time this bit was half-done, I was bored with it so I started a little teddy bear out of some left-over mohair. He’s really cute:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and Mollie seems to quite like him too!
That didn’t take very long so I did a few more rows of the chair cover but then had an overwhelming urge to try something else. What better than the “One Skein Wonder” from Glampyre Knits http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id97.html.
I’m just finishing the edging on this, which I decided to do in moss stitch rather than ribbing, so that it matches the sleeve edges. I’m using some yarn which I think is aran weight, cotton/acrylic blend, bought from who-knows-where more years ago than I care to remember. I might take a piccie if it turns out OK, but I don’t really think shrugs as small as this one suit me. It might be looking for a new home once it’s finished – maybe I’ll try ebay – oooh no! Can’t do that, the pattern copyright doesn’t allow for commercial use. Perhaps Mollie would like the shrug, as well as the teddy.
Until this weekend, I was an eBay virgin. I’ve often looked on there, and even made a bid once, but I’ve never really got into the whole caboodle. That all changed at the weekend when I found an old Rowan pattern booklet for sale. I won that one and arranged to collect the booklet from the seller who lives fairly close. I have since bid and won on two more items (another knitting book and some knitting looms) and am currently awaiting delivery. I am now having to restrain myself as this is yet another opportunity for me to spend what little dosh I have…………………..as if all those on-line yarn stores weren’t temptation enough. Now, who’s the patron saint of lost causes?


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  1. Noo

    Oh no. You’ve discovered the delights of eBay – be strong!

    Thanks for your comment on the sari silk bag. I must say, it’s not the easiest yarn to work with (i.e. quite difficult!). But it’s so pretty, that I’ve found it adequate compensation for my sore index finger!

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