A challenge

The lovely C left this comment yesterday:

C x said…
I’ll make you a deal. If you finish the legendary Aran Chair Cover before Christmas, I will send you a nice knitty Christmas pressie. There you go. Motivation.
1:08 PM

I am *fairly* sure (well, a bit sure) that I can meet this challenge but it does pose another challenge of its own – how can I repay this thoughtful act of kindness?
It is deeply sad that I need a carrot dangled in front of me in order to finish a project that I was so enthusiastic about at first and it is even more sad that I cannot think of a fitting way to repay C. I know she works in a yarn store so it is very unlikely that I have (or could get) any yarn or knitty bits and pieces that she doesn’t already have. Hmmmmmm………………………. thinks…………. may have a little idea……………………………… *scuttles off to look in deepest recesses of sewing boxes*
C, if you read this, give us a clue!



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2 responses to “A challenge

  1. C x

    Hah you dont have to send me anything. Just promise to help me out next time I am slacking k?

    C x

  2. colin

    reply to your message on my blog, KNITMAN.
    Uppingham Yarns in Uppingham, leicester. They have all sort sof very good yarn.

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