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Much to my amazement and disbelief, it worked. A hot (60 degrees) wash with a couple of towels et voila!
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They turned out just the right size and are lovely and thick. The wool I used was Twilley’s Freedom wool which is a very lightly spun chunky-weight 1-ply, almost like very thin rovings, but it has felted brilliantly. The clogs are being modelled by Bethany who was the intended recipient, she’s just got them a bit early (well……. her feet were cold and they would have been tricky to wrap!) I now have a request to knit a pair in either black or burgundy for OH – he hasn’t worn slippers for ages but now seems rather keen to have some.
I have been working quite hard on the aran chair cover (hmmmm……………where have we heard that before!) but I don’t think it will be finished before Christmas now. I have been taking it to work and knitting it in the evenings (with only a small side-track for one of these in left over HipKnits silk) but progress is very slow. Still, only one more day at work, so you never know!
Short post tonight ’cause I feel crap – sore throat, headache, hurty eyes – yep it’s the annual Christmas cold.


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