Another Birthday

Well, secret project #2 (did I say there were two secret projects? Yes, well, there were two) was finished over a week ago and has been received by the recipient. Unfortunately, I forgot to take piccies so I’m waiting for my brother to send photos of him modelling it. It was a reversible hat knitted in sock yarn, pattern available here. The one I did for Michael was black on one side and lots of different shades of blue on the other. I’d tell you exactly which sock yarn I used if only I could remember where I put the leftovers…………………………
I enclosed a note in the parcel to explain why I had knitted a woolly hat for him – basically because he is now at that age (46 ha ha ha) where his own natural head covering is no longer thick enough to keep in any warmth. Yep, my big brother is going bald!

I’m off to Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts at the Brighton Centre this afternoon, to help out on the Knit ‘n’ Natter stall, so if you’re going, please come and say hello.


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