A Biography of Mr Claude Grenache

This is Mr Claude Grenache, from Switzerland.
Image hosting by Photobucket
He has a degree in English Literature and theatre. In his spare time he enjoys sampling fine wines and skiing in the Swiss Alps. Mr Grenache likes bpop jazz and he plays the oboe. He think s that stimulating conversation is a must for any social gathering and he lives in a decently-sized apartment in Berne, Switzerland’s capital. He hosts a dinner party once a month for his university professor friends and attends a book club once a week.
At present, Claude Grenache is a bachelor and isn’t intending to take a wife any time soon

Mr Grenache’s biography researched and prepared by Bethany.



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3 responses to “A Biography of Mr Claude Grenache

  1. noblinknits

    Good morning, Claude.

    You say you’re not interested in taking a wife. I see from your picture that you already have a colourful companion with their arm around you. Is there anything you might like to add to your biog?

  2. Anonymous

    Optricia and I are just good friends. Between you and me, she has a bit of a personal hygiene problem – I could never marry anyone like that.


  3. Snack Dragon


    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Snack Dragon. I wear a purple, skin-tight, spandex suit with yellow mask, boots and belt. I travel the United States solving petty crimes for snacks. I would like to join your book club. Please let me know when you meat.

    S. Dragon

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