The secret can now be revealed as this:
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a birthday present for my brother’s step-daughter (does that make her my step-niece? Who knows?). She was very pleased with it, but was too tired to try it on as she had had a very long day, so I hope it fits OK.

I have now finished the “Short ‘n’ Sweet” bolero from The Happy Hooker. I had to fudge things a bit and give it a huge blast of steam, but it fits (sort of) and has already been complimented several times. If I make this again, I will alter the neckline because the V-neck did not turn out very V-necked – the shaping was too close to the shoulders and the slope wasn’t long enough or gradual enough. Not quite sure if my crocheting skills are up to this kind of adaptation or whether it was a question of gauge/tension (which, obviously, I checked thoroughly!!! Not). Photos when I remember. (Edited to add: I’ve remembered!)

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The Sunrise Circle jacket is proceeding nicely – the first sleeve/front is finished and I think it will be more or less the right size this time so the second sleeve has been started, although really it’s the third sleeve ’cause I had to frog the original first sleeve. It is now becoming a bit tedious to knit – all that stocking stitch in ever-increasing rows, but I love the style of the jacket so much that I’m determined to get on with it. This got me thinking about whether I’m a process knitter or a project knitter, and in true sitting-on-the-fence- fashion, I’ve decided I’m a bit of both. The Sunrise Circle jacket is a project that I want to wear, but the process is a bit dull (in spite of the unusual construction) so there have already been a few “process” items interrupting progress – e.g the Short ‘n’ Sweet bolero (because I hadn’t crocheted in ages) and the birthday cardi above (because I wanted to design a short, pink, girly cardi without any sewing!). The Jaywalkers, which are still OTN, are very much a process knit as I certainly won’t be wearing woolly socks for a good few months (although, British summers being what they are, that is perhaps a rather rash statement!). My favourite sort of project, though, is one that is not only interesting and challenging to knit but also looks fabulous when finished – I’ll let you know if I ever chance upon this Knitting Nirvana.


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  1. Sheepish Annie

    Wow, you can crank out the FOs!!! Nicely done, I might add. Your step-niece is a lucky girl.

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