Yes, finally, it’s dry.
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Time to knit: 2 days, including having to wait for Monday morning to get more yarn.
Time to dry: forever (well, 4 days actually, but it felt like forever).
Time spent admiring it: all day today so far!
Both OH and Lucy have said that they think it’s the most professional-looking bag that I’ve made so far, so I’m pleased, really pleased.
*Wanders off with slightly scary grin plastered all over face*



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5 responses to “Finally

  1. Sheepish Annie

    You’ve more than earned the right to grin for as long as you see fit. Well done!

  2. Badger

    That’s gorgeous, Annie!

  3. Diana

    Keep smiling because it’s a gorgeous bag.

  4. ra

    oh now that is special, I love that. Definitely worth the wait!

  5. gilraen

    OH and Lucy are right it’s a georgeous bag, does the picture in the book justice. 🙂

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