As promised…………

We have a sock:
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No 2 has been started – about 5 rounds of ribbing done on the ferry last week before I got bored and played a very silly game with the girls that involved drawing pictures of animals with your eyes closed. I tried to persuade the girls to let me scan some of our masterpieces for the delectation of the reader(s) of this blog, but to no avail. Suffice it to say that there were some pretty strange looking creatures (a squirrel who appeared to have a bum [ass] on his head and a camel whose legs connected directly to its neck, to name a couple).

We also have a cardi, from Vogue’s Knit1
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Can someone please tell me why Bethany thinks she looks ugly in this picture? I think she looks great (yes, I know I’m biased but ugly? No way!). This was taken about 3.30pm this afternoon, shortly after she had got up, so she may look a little ………erm……..less than wide awake, but definitely not ugly. It is one of my great joys as a mum to look at my daughters and think how beautiful they are, and then to wonder where on earth they get their looks from (not me, that’s for sure). Trying to convince them that they should be proud of the way they look is an uphill struggle, but I keep on trying.
That’s it for now, can’t write blogs on an empty stomach.



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5 responses to “As promised…………

  1. Dawn

    The sweater is a stunner! I love it. Didn’t get that magazine, can’t have them all I guess.

    Welcome to the Weavers and Spinners group. Thought I would check out your blog while I was at it. I have one too…

  2. Bethany

    Don’t like that picture.

  3. Sheepish Annie

    Love the cardi!!! And, you know, if I looked that good right when I rolled out of bed, I’d be one happy middle-aged lady.

  4. Diana

    Bethany is beautiful (from an unbiased person) and the cardi is cute. Love the color of the cardi.

  5. blog-blethers

    Beautiful cardigan and beautiful model too (no matter how much she disagrees!). Also love the sock and the bag. How do you manage to fit it all in???

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