Time well spent

I recently managed to get hold of some chunky-weight 100% wool for dyeing (no, I’m not giving a link in case you all go off and buy up the remaining stocks!) so I was finally able to have a go with the Omega dyes that my daughters got for my birthday last November.
Although the website is not particularly user-friendly, the same cannot be said for the dyes themselves. It couldn’t be easier, no smelly vinegar, no messy soda-ash and the dye is in crystal form so no mucky powder to blow around everywhere either. You simply mix with hot water and off you go.

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I dyed 1000g altogether, using submersion and hand-painting techniques (actually, hand-painting sounds a bit too technical, sploshing colour around in squeezy bottles would be more accurate, along with a bit of flinging of crystals directly onto the wet wool). The solid colours were submersed in a nice big preserving pan that I found in our local flea-market, and the variegated colours were shoved in my biggest casserole dish and shoved in the microwave.
Close ups:

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Because of this happy colourful sploshing episode there has been absolutely no progress on Bethany’s prom dress, but sssssh, don’t tell her. I will get started soon but I need to find a large, flat space that isn’t covered in clutter to start what I always think is the scariest part – cutting out the fabric pieces. If you make a mistake at this point, you’re stuffed! When I made my wedding dress, nearly twenty years ago, I made my mum make the first cut as I was so scared of cocking it right up. Needless to say, the dress turned out fine (which is more than can be said for the marriage, but that’s a whole other story) so I guess that now, as then, I’m probably worrying over nothing.



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3 responses to “Time well spent

  1. Julie

    Great job sploshing colors and flinging crystals! The resulting yarn is gorgeous!

  2. Sheepish Annie

    Oh, wow!!! That yarn looks amazing! I’m the worst with color…I rarely come up with good combinations even with a color wheel for guidance. Perhaps I should try more of the sploshing…

    BTW: I’ve made good progress on the test knit! I should have it done over the weekend. It is coming together very, very well!!!

  3. ra

    Thanks for the tip re my links, now sorted. lovely dying there!

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