Spin, spin, spin

Still not a great deal of knitting going on here in the Creek, but there is a bag on the needles as we speak. I have already re-started three times so whether it stays on the needles remains to be seen.

I have been busy though thanks to my newly-acquired Landscape dyes.
When I first got my wheel, I also bought some blended wool roving for practice but, to be honest, I very soon became bored with spinning sheep-coloured fibre all the time so on Sunday I had a go:

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first-ever hand-dyed rovings

I spun this into pretty fine singles

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
pretty singles

which I then navajo plied

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
finished article

Approx 100 yards (59 grams) of 12 wpi yarn (roughly DK/light aran) in pretty colours which I have no idea what to use it for. I have another 60g of rovings dyed in the same colours but slightly lighter which I will just ply together as a 2-ply to see how the different plying techniques affect the final colour. I really enjoyed this experimenting as it has made me realise that I can make any kind of yarn I want!

Speaking of experiments in spinning, take a look here. Diane has started up the Sunday Spin-a-long and the first instalment was “crinkle cut” yarn. I dug out some pre-dyed merino tops that I had bought for felting some time ago and found that I had used up all the nice colours so I picked colours that I thought would clash horribly and used them for the thick yarn. For the thin yarn, I used just one colour but added a strand of silver rayon embroidery thread (it was useless for embroidery as it kept tangling up in the machine so it needed to justify its existence). I then plied the two together as Diane instructed, et voila!

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crinkle-cut yarn

I love spinning!



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3 responses to “Spin, spin, spin

  1. Anonymous

    I love spinning!you say!…..RESULT!!! What a long way you have come in a short time – remember I told you it was addictive! best wishes Ann

  2. Jo

    Lovely colours you’ve been spinning

  3. Sheepish Annie

    You plied boucle yarn!!! Yay! I saw that on another blog and have been meaning to try it. She used clear nylon thread. I never thought of using emroidery thread. Hmmm….

    I’m trying to do something similar with some spindle spun yarns I’ve got going on right now. If I come even half as close to what you’ve got there, I’ll be happy. Nice Job!!!!!

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