So lazy

that I haven’t posted for almost a fortnight.
Well, nothing much going on around the Creek apart from the never-ending sock marathon – as well as the eight (yes, eight!) pairs of plain knee-high socks, there is at least one or two (maybe three) other pairs in the pipeline. No pictures yet as they’re a bit secret.

So the Creek has been very quiet the last couple of weeks but the same cannot be said for my brother’s household – we all thought they were going to the Isle of Wight on holiday but it appears that plans were afoot (and had been for sometime) for something altogether much more momentous:

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I am so happy for them both and am overjoyed to have Sandy as my sister-in-law. When Michael phoned to tell me the news, I was so surprised and delighted that I burst into tears and was incoherent for quite a while afterwards. I hope anyone reading this will join me in wishing them every happiness together, now and always.

Well, after all this excitement, I need to have a lie down in a darkened room for a while so I’ll leave you with this; I have always wondered what cats got up to when their humans were out of sight … wonder no more:



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2 responses to “So lazy

  1. Sheepish Annie

    I kind of like it when you don’t post for a fortnight. Because then you say, “fortnight” and I think that’s cool. No one in my world uses that…but I do miss the posts.

    A big, giant, huge, super-sized congrats to the bride and groom!!! How wonderful! And what a good-looking couple. I’m so pleased for you and your family.

  2. Baa Bonny Belle

    They look great together and the picture brings out the glow they both have…very happy couple from my point of view.

    BTW, my girls LOVED the CatCam…

    From a knitter (stranger) from afar…

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