Excuse me

While I have a “proud mum” moment.
August is a tense time for many teenagers around the country as they anxiously await their exam results. The Creek household has been holding its breath for weeks now but at last we can all finally exhale.
Lucy sat her AS levels and one GCSE retake, achieving C for Art, B for Communications and A for Media, with a C for Maths GCSE (Huge sighs of relief all round).
Bethany sat GCSEs and got:
C for I.T, D for Psychology (but she doesn’t care about that one, so there!), B for R.E, B for Maths, B for Double Science, A for Art, A for Media, A for English (Lang & Lit) and A* for French.
Hooray! Well done girls, I am very proud of you and have had to keep the tissues handy all day!
There will be much rejoicing over the weekend with exams well and truly forgotten (until next year…)

PS Hope it all went well for all the other examinees this year and that you can all carry on with your plans.



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6 responses to “Excuse me

  1. Sheepish Annie

    Congrats to the girls! The relief has to be huge. I hope that the plans for rejoicing are big ‘n loud! The fun is certainly well-earned.

  2. ra

    Congratulations to them both.

    I take it they’ll be celebrating now!

  3. peri

    Yay! Congratulations to both your girls.

  4. Bethany

    Mum, please knit me this thing of lemmings jumping off a cliff. It is awesome.

  5. Penny

    Congratulations to both girls.

  6. Knitman

    Of course you are proud! Congratulations.

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