A new home

Welcome to my new place. The old one was getting a bit messy and I’m too lazy to tidy up so I’ve moved. It may or may not be permanent, I haven’t decided yet.

I liked being able to personalise Blogger, but I like the way I can have extra pages on here with very little trouble or effort [see….laziness permeates just about every aspect of my life]. This set-up also looks better, which just goes to show that web design should always be left to the professionals [with the exception of Bethany’s site, of course :)].

Anyway, this is a very short post tonight as I have lots of tinkering to do; lots of links to add and pages to make, maybe even a photo gallery for finished items, who knows? I hope to have pictures of my latest oeuvres projects by the end of this week [note to self – plug in camera charger] but for now, I need to go and watch Top Gear. Ciao!



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3 responses to “A new home

  1. Happy Blogwarming! I’ll get my bloglines updated so I don’t miss anything… This looks great!

  2. upknitcreek

    Aaaaww, thanks! Maybe a blog-warming party is called for, whaddya think?

  3. Of course my site is immense.

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