The distressing incident with hair dye

Lucy, aged 19, is naturally fair-haired, but like most of us women at some stage of our lives, she is not happy with what nature bestowed upon her. Some time ago she decided to dye her hair a dark reddish-brown – the result was not quite what was suggested by the packaging but was nevertheless considered to be a success.


A week or so ago, Lucy decided that reddish-brown was no longer the look she wanted and felt that a return to a colour closer to nature was called for. She purchased two packets of lightener and two packets of toner (she has long, very thick hair) but we discovered that they were not compatible with each other. I, for one, never knew that the world of hair dye was so fraught with difficulty – surely it’s a case of buy some jollop, slap it all over your head, rinse after the allotted time and Bob’s yer uncle? Apparently not…  Anyway, purchases were returned and refunds made and at last we proceeded. The strand test resulted in a lovely golden blonde and confirmed that the dye needed to be left on for the full hour, so off we went. Lucy relaxed with a towel round her shoulders and I slopped all the chemicals around as directed, covering every inch of her lovely luscious locks.

One hour later and Lucy emerges from the shower muttering something about “green hair was bad enough last time I tried this, but orange! Orange!”

She dried her hair and came in to show me the results – platinum blonde roots and orange mid-lengths – decidedly not the look she was after. In her place I would have been in tears by now, but Lucy is obviously made of sterner stuff and showed a remarkable degree of stoicism. We discussed possible remedies – different dyes, head-shave, etc – and she decided to go for the chop, something totally unthinkable a week or so earlier and announced that the whole situation was probably a good thing as it was just the kick up the backside she needed to go for a more drastic hairdo.

The results were spectacular


Isn’t she beautiful?



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2 responses to “The distressing incident with hair dye

  1. Wow – cool cut! It really suits her.

  2. That is fabulous!!! I’ve always sort of thought of my hair as something I could safely mess with. It grows out. Or back, as the case may be. I think this ended up being a very happy experiment!

    And I do miss the days when I could be a bit more adventurous with the hair. Being a teacher is a little bit limiting in some respects. ::sigh::

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