Feeling old

Today is my 45th birthday. I still feel about 15 inside, but outwardly every one of those 45 years shows. I do my best (hair dye, industrial-strength moisturiser etc) but I know it’s pointless really and have every intention of growing old disgracefully.

We had a little celebration last night as both girls have other things planned for this evening. Lucy (who, it must be said, is not known for her domestic talents) cooked an absolutely delicious meal of chicken breasts stuffed with three cheeses and wrapped in parma ham, carrots, green beans and garlicky saute potatoes, followed by Sicilian lemon pudding. It was well worth the wait…. (I should point out that Bethany also helped – her contribution was to “caress” olive oil into the chicken and peel the spuds).

Washed down with


Vintage champagne (Simon muttered something about a vintage birthday needing vintage wine. Hmm).

There were flowers too (from Lucy)


and earrings from my lovely daughters


I had asked for money this year because there was a particular piece of equipment that I coveted, to make my spinning life a bit easier. So, thanks to the very kind donations from Mum and Dad, Simon, Simon’s mum and her husband and my brother and his family, I was able to get this


I have already tried it out with the scraggy end bits of a Norfolk Horn fleece that’s been kicking around for ages and managed to produce some very decent sized batts. Today’s job will be to card up the shetland fleece I got in July and maybe the alpaca too, a task which has seemed far too onerous to do by hand.

As a reward for all this playing hard work, I will be able to stuff myself on birthday fudge (thank you Sophie) and then start on this:


By nine o’clock this evening, I’ll be the one muttering in the corner with melted chocolate running down my chin. Cheers!

Edited to add: After her lovely comment, Sheepish Annie is now officially My New Best Friend!



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3 responses to “Feeling old

  1. First of all, none of this nonsense about outward appearances! I’ve seen your picture…you do *not* look 45!!!! You’re the kind of cool-looking mom I wished for back in the day. Keep up the good work and clean living there, girl!

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like you celebrated in style. I love the new drum carder. You will be amazed at how it changes your fibery life! I have a small louet jr. and it does wonderful things with the wool. Blending is the best part, I think.

    And that fudge…wow! If I hadn’t eaten my own weight in turkey and stuffing yesterday, I’d be heading to the fridge right now for some fudge pie!

  2. Ahhh have a happy birthday Sweetie – or what’s left of it….*sighs* I am always late!!!

    I think you look great – and remember age is just a number not a label.

    {{{hugs}}} & xxxx


  3. Catherine

    Happy birthday – I’ve been 45 for about a week now, and I feel that it shows on me, too. Do you know the Jack Skellington hat / mask from the most recent Knitty (Jackyll & Hyde) ? I think I might have to fashion one with full makeup knitted in for the days I feel less than glamourous. 🙂

    Jackyll & Hyde pattern here: http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall07/PATTjh.html

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