It hurts

I’ve had three migraines this week and I don’t like it. I hadn’t had one for about six months then I got one about three weeks ago, followed by three more this week. I have no idea what causes them as I have never been able to identify a particular trigger. Anyway, I’m totally fed up with them now, and just want it to STOP.

In between the throbbing head, extreme nausea and altered vision, I have managed a couple more time-wasters, namely Clorj and Doe:


On another subject entirely, back in the 80s I was a keen member of the local schools orchestra – the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra – and yesterday I found a few clips on YouTube. Here’s the first and I promise not to bore you with any of the others

I’m hidden away in the middle of the viola section.



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3 responses to “It hurts

  1. So sorry about the migraines. I flirted with one last week and was thrilled to avoid disaster. Hate ’em…

    I love the little knitted buddies, though. How cute!!!

    You play viola? That is very, very cool!

  2. You forgot to mention that Clorj is the child of Claude and Jorj!

  3. upknitcreek

    I didn’t mention it, Bethany, because he is the secret lovechild of Jorj and Claude. SECRET!

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