In all the years that I have been ordering yarn on the internet, I have never been disappointed with my purchases (well, there was the incident with the recycled sari silk, but that is best glossed over…). I have found my monitor to be mostly accurate in terms of colour and although texture is not something that can be accurately assessed online, I’ve always been satisfied with my squishy parcels. I was not anticipating problems when ordering nice and simple plain red sock yarn – how hard could it be? The colour on the website bears no resemblance to the colour that I actually received – yes, it was the colour I ordered, but it is much, much more orange than it appeared. I tried over-dyeing a skein with some darker red but have ended up with a deep brick-red – lovely colour, but not the pillar-box red I was after. I was hoping to get this particular bit of knitting (socks and gloves, if you’re interested) out of the way before Christmas, but that ain’t gonna happen now *sulks*. More yarn is on order, but even if it arrives on Tuesday, I don’t have turbo-charged needles.

Ho hum.

Second annoyance:

Since I started spinning, just over a year ago, I have produced a reasonable amount of yarn but not actually made anything with it (apart from a rather lame-looking cushion cover in a kind of diarrhoea colour – lovely!). I was delighted when the new issue of Knitty appeared as there was the perfect pattern – Tam C – for two different hand-spun yarns. It was also the chance to practise two-colour knitting, something which I’ve only done very small amounts of before. Things have been going well, although I think my yarn is a little tiny bit too thick really, and I am pleased with the progress made so far; unfortunately, it has become apparent that I will not have enough of the main colour to complete the tam. No choice but to spin some more (thank god I have already carded up loads of the fleece on my new drum carder), which is not a chore by any means, but it does mean that yet another “quick” project is turning into a long drawn-out, protracted affair. I was hoping to have the tam finished by Wednesday so I could wear it to our S’n’B Christmas Jolly 😦

Less of an annoyance is the fact that I have finally found a use for the Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino that I bought aeons ago. Originally intended for a pair of Jaywalkers, only one was ever made and it looked so horrible (too big and baggy, wrong colours) that it was unceremoniously frogged and consigned to the darkest recesses of the stash while it contemplated its future.

There has been a craze at our S’n’B recently for the forest canopy shawl so I have unashamedly jumped on the bandwagon:


I have no idea what use this will be, and am still not sure whether I like the yarn, but at least it’s a finished object!



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2 responses to “Annoyances

  1. Oh how I hate it when I don’t get what I expected!!! Most annoying. Especially for those of us who don’t have a yarn shop handy and need to purchase online much of the time.

    But, I’m hoping that the lovely shawl might take some of the sting out of the whole thing. That is just gorgeous!!!

  2. Mum, the sandwich you made for my lunch today ws SO. TASTY.


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