It’s over

The turkey has gone, the wrappings have been ripped, crackers cracked, food eaten and drink drunk. It’s all over – until next year. The turkey this year said that it would serve 9 – 11 people; I have just removed two turkey and vegetable pies from the oven taking the total mouths fed by one turkey crown to twenty (plus one small furry creature who was caught mid-bite on the table, helping herself).

The festive season has certainly taken its toll on one small cat


all that Christmas shopping, not to mention too much turkey, and she’s pooped! (But why does she have to rest on the lovely clean towels? I know, I know, they should be put away where they belong and not left lying around – it’s asking for trouble).

Amongst the lovely presents I received was a book that I have been coveting for a while – “Unexpected Knitting” by the incomparable Debbie New. I am, to put it mildly, gobsmacked by her inventiveness. I also received this book ( a present from Mollie). Again, highly inventive, but not in the same category as Debbie New. I have threatened to make one for Lucy when she goes off to university – at least no-one would nick her loo-roll.

Father Christmas also brought 1kg of Blue-faced Leicester top for spinning, a Delicious Mr Depp calendar, two pairs of beautiful earrings from Bethany, a CD (Queen’s Greatest Hits) and DVD (Northern Exposure series 2) from Lucy and this from Simon. Am I a lucky girl? Or am I a lucky girl? 😀

What’s that? Knitting?

Well, I have a pair of red socks on the go, one finished, one at the heel, to be closely followed by a matching pair of gloves (if only I knew where the pattern had gone…). I also might have bought a couple of patterns over t’internet whilst the real shops were closed, maybe, you just never know. When I’ll get time to knit said hypothetically-purchased patterns is another matter entirely, but I’m ever hopeful – after all it is a leap year in 2008, so there’s a whole extra day for knitting!



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2 responses to “It’s over

  1. Gosh, didn’t Simon do well? It’s lovely!

  2. Wow! You did very, very well this year. And kudos to Simon for having such incredible taste. In both partners and jewelry! 😉

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