Other stuff

I don’t just do knitting and spinning y’know, oh no, there’s all sorts of other stuff that I do a lot (work), a little (housework), because I have to (cooking) and ’cause I like to (reading). There’s also the stuff that I get bullied gently persuaded into doing.

Like this.


Today, for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long, I played the viola in public.

Let me explain.

Simon’s mum has been a piano teacher for over fifty years and every so often she likes to put on a little concert for her pupils, to give them experience in performing. For the sanity of the audience, she also likes to include a couple of more seasoned (i.e. older) performers who can remember which way to hold the instrument and play something almost recognizable. I usually manage to avoid the pressganging with indistinct mutterings about “having a lot on at the moment” or “urgent knitting business” but this time, I just couldn’t think of an excuse quickly enough. Now, it’s not that I don’t want to help her out, it’s just that I have always loathed performing solo. I’m more than happy to sit in an orchestra and bash my way through Beethoven for a couple of hours, but solo? Solo turns me weak at the knees and decidedly green around the gills.

And so it came to pass that this afternoon, a select bunch of friends and pupils assembled at the in-laws house to be subjected  treated to a private concert. We had string quartets, clarinets, singers, guitarists and pianists. And me. On the viola. Playing Tchaikovsky.

I wasn’t sick and my pulse has returned to normal but I’ll be on the chaise longue with a mask over my eyes and a large vodka in my hand until the trauma has passed.


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  1. I do so envy the people with musical talent… Good for you for getting up there and showing what you can do! I’ll bet it was an inspiration to the young performers.

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