The weekend of the car

Which should actually have been “The weekend of my brother’s visit”. Well, it was, but the cars seemed to take over somehow.

Saturday morning, Simon set off for work as usual, only to discover that his car had been vandalised. Some horrible little b*****d had jemmied the passenger door open, smashed up the dashboard and then tried to hot-wire the car. Fiats have immobilisers so the hot-wiring had been in vain, but the car has had to be towed away to a garage as it will no longer start and isn’t secure, thanks to a gap between door and frame big enough to get your hand in. Our only consolation is that the car was parked right outside the local school gates so the culprit has hopefully got himself (or herself – let’s not be sexist) a starring role on the CCTV. The police will hopefully find out tomorrow… 

 Michael (brother) arrived on Saturday afternoon with the three nieces, followed by Sandy (sis-in-law) later on in the evening as she had had to attend a work-related conference. She was held up in traffic on the M40 and her sat-nav system had decided to expire, so she was (legally) phoning Michael to ask for directions and a way round the diversions. Poor girl arrived exhausted, but perked up with the arrival of our Chinese takeaway.

On Sunday we drove over to Saltdean for an early lunch, with the intention of going into Brighton afterwards, for a stroll along the beach and a look around the famous Lanes, but my car thought otherwise. I put the key in the door and it just turned round and round and round without doing anything. Then, it wouldn’t come out. So there we were, stuck in the restaurant car park, locked out of the car. The spare key was at home, so Michael and Simon went back to get it while the girls and I waited in the cold, blustery wind, fiddling with the lock and pleading with the key to remove itself.

We never got to Brighton and now my car has been towed away too! ( I called the rescue service, they couldn’t budge the key either and were not prepared to leave the car on the street overnight with a key sticking out of the lock).

I know that in the great scheme of things, these are just minor annoyances and irritations, and I should be grateful that we are fortunate enough to have a car each and the means to support them (although I’m quickly re-thinking that one!), but honestly! GRRRRR!

On the plus side, I would like to inform my loyal readers that Sandy is officially a knitter and officially has a stash. Since our trip to the Knitting & Stitching show in Birmingham last September, she has knitted several felted bags, a hat, some flowers and has lots more projects in the pipeline. She has had to buy storage for the afore-mentioned stash. I take full responsibility and am extremely proud of her!




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2 responses to “The weekend of the car

  1. Sheesh! Hard to believe that both cars were down at the same time. Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw, I guess. But, I’m glad that both situations can be fixed and will be thinking good thoughts for the cameras to have captured the would-be-thief!

  2. ra

    crumbs what a catalogue of mishaps. Poor you.

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