The cars are both fixed, in my case quite straighforwardly, if rather expensively (how can one small part cost so much?), but in Simon’s case not without a lot of unnecessary hassle and stress caused by the insurance company. You choose the company because they advertise superb customer care and then, when you need them, they let you down badly and you realise the advertising is a pack of lies and no-one will give you a straight answer unless you threaten to take it to the ombudsman.  Anyway, both cars are back on the road so we’re no longer wasting time waiting for buses.

Knitting has been taking place – the red socks and gloves that gave me so much colour-trouble have been delivered to their new owner, who is apparently delighted with them. I was very worried that the size was wrong as they looked absolutely huge, despite being compared to a life-size drawing of the hands in question. I completely forgot to take pictures, but they were very red and very glove-like and sock-like. I also finished a thick chenille thingy* for Her Royal Mollieness, but she has so far ignored it.

There’s a couple more projects that I’m working on which cannot be spoken of in public at the moment, plus two more that are being worked on by my slaves mum and Bethany, again unrevealable for the present.

I seem to have been bitten by a yarn-buying bug in the last couple of weeks and I am powerless to resist. My stash is already of unmanageable proportions, hiding in all corners of the house, yet I have recently acquired enough yarn to knit three full-size adult garments, a scarf or two, a bag or cushion cover and some socks. None of this yarn was needed , and none of it has a specific project in mind but it came home with me nonetheless. I’ve tried to justify it by saying it was a bargain too good to be missed, or a unique colourway, or an unusual texture, but I’m not fooling anyone, least of all myself. I have to face facts – I AM a yarnaholic.

Yesterday, we went to Kingston for another look at the university in order to help Lucy make up her mind where she wants to go in September. You have to love a place that has this on show in the shopping centre:


*thingy meaning a kind of bag which is the right size for a cat to snuggle up inside, or to be used as a cushion.



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3 responses to “Update

  1. I never really need to buy yarn…it just makes me happy to do so! I think that is worth the price, sometimes.

    And why do I find it comforting to know that insurance companies are the same world-over? This should bother me… I guess I like the consistency of it all. But I sure wish it had been easier for you to get the car fixed!

  2. You could always pass the yarn onto someone else…..

    Seriously though, I’ve been uploading some of mine on Ravelry, which is proving rather a salutory experience as I’ve only done half of the under bed boxes so far!

  3. Glad you got the cars sorted. like the phonebox dominos!

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