Happy Birthday

To my lovely Bethany


The rest of the world may be celebrating St Valentine’s day, but in this house we are honouring the arrival into this world, seventeen years ago, of Bethany.
She was born at twelve minutes to five in the afternoon (just in time for tea) and weighed in at a respectable 8lb 12oz, causing the doctor to describe her as a “podgy pudding” (Her dad misheard what the doctor said, and took to describing her as “Bethany Body-pudding”, a nickname which she has tried very hard to disown). I would post a baby picture… but I value my life (and she’ll be mad enough at the one above!)
Anyway, Happy Birthday Bethany, I’m very proud of you and count myself very lucky indeed to have you as a daughter.



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Awesome.

    But picture = lame.

  2. Happy Birthday, Bethany! And don’t be mad about the picture…it is just lovely. Enjoy your special day!

  3. Happy Birthday Bethany. I think the photo is gorgeous!

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