Distraction and diversion

The other day I read Peri’s post about the best present ever, which was totally not what one would think – it was this (the orange thing) rather dubious item that her husband had brought back from the shops. It reminded me of a couple of things I have stowed away in my kitchen cupboards purely for amusement value; all have been bought in foreign climes for no other reason than that the names amused me. Childish, I know.

I love looking around foreign supermarkets – the vegetables are all much more interestingly-shaped than the stuff we get here in the UK, as our EU friends do not labour under the misapprehension that a strangely-shaped carrot or potato will be bad for our health. It makes for endlessly diverting shopping trips (if you are as easily diverted as I am!)

First, the coffee (bought in Fuerteventura in 2001)


If all that caffeine doesn’t do it for you, maybe you should try this energy drink (bought in Prague, 2002)


If that doesn’t do the trick, you can always resort to a more final solution (also bought in Prague)


Pretty explosive, huh?

On a completely unrelated topic, I was talking to my mother this morning about ancestors; she has been researching our family tree for quite a while, and every so often turns up a tasty little morsel. The latest thing is a communication she received from a lady in Canada, a distant relation, who had unearthed a glimpse into the life of my great-great-great uncle, one William Goodeve, a sergeant in the Metropolitan Police in the 1850s. A trawl through the internet had revealed these little clippings from the newspapers of the time – another small divertissement from the daily grind. I, for one, would like to read more of this seamy side of life if only because I find the whole idea of cross-dressing as a crime highly amusing. I can only assume that Sergeant Goodeve’s part in the matter was so insignificant because he was too busy gawping at the sights before him!

I think I’ve got away with it – no-one’s noticed that I haven’t mentioned knitting. Phew! That was close.



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4 responses to “Distraction and diversion

  1. Still doesn’t beat ‘cock’ soup 😉

  2. upknitcreek

    I know, but at least I tried…

  3. I am easily distracted by cool stuff. Especially cool stuff that is all foreign and exotic. I didn’t even notice the knitting part was missing…

  4. Interesting vegetables?

    I was in an Indian greengrocer’s in Newcastle in my student days. I saw a most interestingly shaped vegetable and couldn’t imagine what it was. I asked the Indian shop-keeper and he said, in the most broad of Geordie accents, “Wheigh, it’s a turnip, hinny.” Did I feel a fool, or what?

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