Lazy days and Sundays

Yesterday was a lazy day; got up late, spent hours on the wonderweb (feeding my obsession interest in the presenters of a certain TV programme), then took a leisurely drive out to Birling Gap, which is one of my favourite places. 


I admit, from this photo it is hard to see the appeal but on a winter’s day at sunset with the tide out, it becomes quite magical.

Part of the charm is the presence, up on the cliff, of the café that time forgot; it is attached to a large pub/restaurant that has a very decent carvery and good selection of ales, but the café – well. Formica tables and vinyl-covered banquettes (I love that word, always makes me giggle), a selection of cakes hand-picked from the local supermarket, teapots that always leak, burnt coffee, chips with everything, the sound of rain clunking down on the perspex roof of the optimistically-named conservatory and staff whose idea of good service is to ask, over their shoulder, “d’ya want chocolate on yer cappuccino?” I love it!

For those who expressed an interest (thank you Ra!), here are pictures of the hand-dyed sock yarn I mentioned in the last post. As you can see, it looks quite ordinary in the ball:


but knits up into an intriguing spiral effect as socks


(sorry for the blurry picture – my photography assistant was less than helpful today as she insisted on trying to catch the dangly strap attached to the camera – this one is a little better, but has the assistant’s paws in shot!)


On the subject of my assistant, thanks to Sheepish Annie for her hints on getting tablets into kitties. As mentioned previously, Mollie does not seem to understand the concept of co-operation, but the cunning yog-yog disguise was working pretty well, *sigh* …was working… she has wised-up to our little tricks and is now refusing the yogurt altogether. We’ve tried mixing the crushed-up tablet with her food, but that doesn’t work either; mind you, yesterday she didn’t eat anything at all and was sick a few times. If there’s no improvement today or tomorrow, it’ll be another trip to the V. E. T. Mollie, you have been warned…



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2 responses to “Lazy days and Sundays

  1. My vet also gave me a pill shooter that can help get a tablet into an uncooperative kitty, but I had really bad luck with it. The pain meds were so tiny and pretty much everything out there is in “dog” size. The pills kept falling out of it before I could get the cat’s mouth open. But it might help with a larger pill…

    Maybe you can distract kitty with Top Gear? It always turns my head!

  2. I managed to get the crushed pills into my cats disguising it in tuna. They love mashed tinned tuna so it worked this time. But as you said they do get wise to the ploy eventually!!!

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