All quiet on the Up Knit Creek front at the moment; a bit of knitting, quite a lot of bread-making, some socialising and some snow.

Some of it was photographed:

My So-called scarf, knitted in 100% silk

This is “My So-called Scarf” knitted in 100% silk that was a present I received in a swap ages ago. It is beautifully soft and the colours are lovely but I’m not sure how hardwearing it will be. Mollie seemed to like it, anyway.

Last weekend, one of my colleagues escaped retired from the daily drudgery of work having reached the grand old age of 60 (not that you’d know, to look at her). Celebrations were in order, obviously, so delicious food was eaten here and a couple of days later we all went to our favourite pub to wish her well as she starts the next chapter. Elaine is also a knitter (a blogless one, sadly) so I thought she would appreciate this:

The Flutter scarf that I finished a little while ago. She liked it 🙂


Finally, there was snow. It’s nothing compared to what you guys over the pond get every year, but for us it was an EVENT





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4 responses to “Pictures

  1. What lovely scarves! And the snow is pretty, too. More so because it is over there and not here. I think I’ve had enough snow for one season and am more than willing to share it with people who can really appreciate its beauty. 🙂

  2. Your scarf is beautiful.

  3. ra

    I din’t think scarves have to be hardwearing, just beautiful; and yours is that. In fact they both are I’m not surprised she liked it.

  4. Isn’t snow just wonderful? Makes everything look so pretty. yes I know it has it’s downside but…..

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