Yarn shopping

I did a little yarn shopping the other day:

 Inside was this:

100% linen yarn in a sort of dark duck-egg blue (the colour is very  hard to describe and, it turns out, photograph). I bought a little over 500g (the yarn is sold by weight and my 5 skeins were an approximate 100g each) and it cost me €48.60 (about £40.50) Why euros? Well, we went on a train journey over the weekend and found ourselves with some sights to see:

Yes, Blackpool does have a tower very much like this one (thank you, bruv :)) but they don’t use euros in Blackpool!

Neither Simon nor I had been to Paris for over thirty years so we thought it was time we went. It is so great to be able to get on a train in London and then find yourself in the centre of Paris about two and a half hours later – no long check-in queues, no long hard slog from the airport and best of all, you are allowed to take knitting needles on the train! (If you’re interested, I managed about one sock during the total five hours travelling). I love Eurostar! ❤ ❤ ❤

I had to go up La Tour Eiffel on my own as Simon suffers from vertigo and couldn’t even contemplate the first floor, let alone the very top.

The views were incredible

You can just about make out the Arc de Triomphe  above the centre of this picture.

We had a trip on a bateau-mouche later on that evening and saw the city lit up. The Eiffel tower sparkles every hour for about ten minutes and looks stunning. What struck me about Paris this time, seen through the eyes of an adult, rather than a hugely un-impressed teenager like last time, was the sheer scale of things. The Eiffel tower is HUGE, the statues are HUGE (and often very very gilded and golden), l’Hôtel de Ville is massive, l’Opéra looks as though it hardly fits in its own square and the Palais du Louvre is vast

We also saw Notre Dame where I was very taken with the flying buttresses

and Sacré-Cœur


and we popped into the Louvre to say hello to a couple of old friends:


We visited the Catacombes, where centuries’ worth of dead Parisians were moved in the 1700s and 1800s after the original cemeteries became overcrowded and unsanitary – it is a very eerie experience to walk through a mile of subterranean passageways watched by thousands and thousands of hollow-eyed skulls, stacked up on top of each other and in places used to form decorative “sculptures” (or should that be skullptures?…) After that unnerving morning we headed to Montmartre and immersed ourselves in tourism and tat (although there were some beautiful works of art on display in amongst the trinkets and baubles), partaking in the very French pastime of people-watching from a pavement café.

Finally (thank god! I hear you say) we went shopping

at Galeries LaFayette.

Aaaaaah, c’est la vie.

A bientôt.



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3 responses to “Yarn shopping

  1. Coucou maman!
    Avec tous les lumières merdeux, le tour Eiffel est nul. Je les deteste ¬_¬
    Mais, les catacombes sont cool, non? Avec le chose qui dit “ARRÊTE! C’EST ICI L’EMPIRE DE LA MORT” Ça, c’est cool. Le tour Eiffel? Non.
    Est-que vous avez marché vers le districte red-light? Avec les CINÉ-Xs et les Supermarchés Erotiques? J’y suis allé deux fois. C’était cool.

  2. You got on a train. And went to Paris. And bought yarn. After seeing the Eiffel Tower.

    I so need to get a better life…

  3. Soooo jealous. We love Paris. Notre Dame makes me tingle.

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