In between the travelling and having to go to work, I have managed to finish a few things:

This is a new version of my Arched Bag, without the stripes but with the addition of decorative buttons and a bit of embroidery. I made this for Paris in the hope that it would prevent me carrying around half a ton of “stuff” – it didn’t work, I still had loads of junk in there!


These are “tilted socks” based on “Rainbow socks” – modifications are that I knitted mine toe-up because I find it easier to get a good fit that way.

These are just some standard toe-up socks, knitted toe-up over 60 sts in a 3 x 1 rib for the main part, stocking stitch for the soles and 1 x 1 rib for the cuff. I was very pleased that I managed a stretchy sewn cast-off without looking at the instructions!!!!  Yay! I usually manage OK once I’ve reminded myself of the order the stitches are worked, and which ones are purlwise and which are knitwise, but this time, the book stayed resolutely on the shelf and I didn’t trawl the interwebs for help either.

Proof that you can teach this old dog new tricks and sometimes she even retains them!



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4 responses to “Finished

  1. Yay for finishing! Especially when what gets finished is so darned cool…

    Nice work!

  2. Love the bag. and cool socks

  3. You must’ve been in a very odd position to get that first sock shot. And I do like that bag, I do.

    By the way everyone, the twirly embroidery was MY idea.

  4. Stephanie Mann


    I have tagged you. You need to go and read my blog at for the rules.

    Steph x

    PS- Could you let me know some good places/yarn shops in Paris?

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