It hurts

to knit at the moment. In a frenzy of activity almost unheard of in the Creek household, much gardening was performed today. Hedges were trimmed, weeds ruthlessly ripped out, lawns were mown, edges were neatened and paths were swept and squirted with weed-killer. The net result (apart from a very tidy garden) is a very sore, achey wrist and NO KNITTING!!!!! I can just about type and have managed to wield the camera, but knitting involves movements that are just a bit too painful.

I do have a finished object however

Francie sock knitted in Opal Uni colour. No modifications as such, but I knitted the foot slightly shorter than given in the pattern. The pattern does give instructions on what to do for a shorter foot but on the first sock, I had great difficulty getting it right and there was a certain amount of swearing and cursing fudging involved; second time it went like a dream. I must have been having a few senior moments first time around. (I should make it clear that I have knitted a pair of socks, not just the one but it’s very hard to take a picture of both your own feet without making them look deformed.)


A few months ago I dyed some sock yarn, the first skein of which made a pair of socks that went to live in France with Bethany’s exchange partner. The second skein was a merino/bamboo mix which I was very keen to try, but I put it away during a rare attack of tidying and promptly forgot about it. I found it the other day and have started a diagonal lace sock which I am knitting toe-up as usual. I will be trying out Colin’s Andersson Heel Mach2 for this as it looks so very neat but also gives a little extra room for a high instep. I have had to fiddle with the numbers, but I think I have the percentages right…I’ll let you know…

I’m quite pleased with progress so far and very happy with the colours, which were inspired by a very pretty sunset.

The back



The front.


 I intend to make the diagonals on the other sock a mirror image of this one, assuming I can manage to get the left-leaning decreases to match the right-leaning ones, but that’s a whole other discussion for another time. For now, I’m off to rest my poor aching wrist.



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3 responses to “It hurts

  1. I always thought I’d like to have a garden…but you are making me rethink that position. It sounds like an awful lot of work!

    Lovely socks and amazingly dyed yarn you have there. Well done!

  2. The Sunset Sock is so pretty and doesn’t the colour look good with purple needles!

  3. Like the Francie sock and your sunset sock

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