Not Knitting

So, not much knitting going on round here. There has been progress on the sunset socks (one is finished, the other is over half-way) and there has also been a great deal of frustration caused by computers not behaving in a fitting manner. It’s sorted now, but not without a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.


What have I been upto instead of knitting? Well, Bethany and I spent the afternoon out in the fresh air, putting my new camera through its paces. (I didn’t pay Sony’s prices!)


This is what we did:

and this:

Hope you enjoy.





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2 responses to “Not Knitting

  1. Fabulous photos! I’d say that your time has been very well spent. Knitting will get done on a day when there are less cool things out there to snap!

  2. Oooh, lovely photos! I particularly like the forest ones. Funnily enough, my weekend’s audio-book-for-knitting-along-with is partly set at Birling Gap!

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