Socks and cats

Well, I was going to show you a picture of my Sunset socks, which I finished last night, but Mollie has other ideas; apparently they make a very comfy cushion

(click on pic to biggen)

You can just see the cuff of one sock poking out to the left of her ear. I would try and move her, but she’s obviously very tired, having spent the morning jumping out through the living room window then shouting outside the front door until someone is daft enough (that would be me, then) to let her in, even though she is perfectly capable of jumping back up the way she went out. In the summer months, this is Mollie’s favourite game, although I have to say that I find it rather tiresome…


Ah wait! She’s moved

Sunset socks: yarn is 75% merino 25% bamboo from Knit ‘n’ Caboodle (whose service is excellent). Hand-dyed by me a few months ago when I was in splish-splosh mode. Pattern is a diagonal lace with 5st repeat from Barbara Walker’s Treasury (book 1), knitted toe-up. I was intending to use Colin’s Andersson Heel Mach #2, but it just didn’t look right after my modifications (needed for the smaller size I was making) so I used my usual short-row heel.

On the whole, I am pleased with these, although I have begun to realise that I am becoming quite anal about symmetry. The sock which has “k2tog, yo” is much neater than the one with “yo, ssk”, and it really bugs me. I have tried every sort of left-leaning decrease I can find to try and get properly matched diagonal lines, but to no avail; left-leaners are simply not. as. neat. (… aaaaaand breathe…). You could well argue that no-one is ever going to look that closely at the socks, particularly when they’re being worn, but I know… I just know.




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4 responses to “Socks and cats

  1. Oooooo those are so purty – in fact they are gorgeous!

  2. Socks and cats…two of my favorite things! And I can certainly sympathize with your kitty jumping issues. We are having quite the time with the new baby over here…

    Lovely socks!

  3. Beeeauutiful. And so is Molly.

  4. I love the way you got the pictures in your previous post to enlarge slowly. What a treat!

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