Yet again I seem to have slipped into some kind of time-warp – I could have sworn it was only a couple of days since I posted, but it seems that a whole fortnight has passed by (and passed me by entirely). I can’t even say that I’ve been frantically busy (well, I could, but it’d be a lie), I just seem to be in a bit of a meh frame of mind that is not conducive to writing anything worth reading.

So, there’s been some knitting – the Garden Party shawl, which has caused a few anxious moments due to my apparent inability to read a chart; then there’s a stripey thing which is extremely tedious to knit and even less interesting to look at; AND a yukky green lacy thing which is destined to become a shrug-type thingummy. I don’t really like green much and can’t think of a single green item in my wardrobe but I knew that a green shrug would be the perfect companion for my new dress

Those of you who know me in real life will wonder why I’ve bought a dress since I rarely wear them. Well, in a double departure from the norm, I’ve bought a dress and am knitting a shrug in a colour I don’t like for a very good reason – my parents’ Golden Wedding. Next month, mum and dad will be celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss therefore it is my duty as their only daughter to try and look respectable (definitely no jeans, then) and not let the side down. I much prefer a casual look generally, but have to admit to being quite excited about going girly for a change – just need some shoes, now…


And to finish, gratuitous cat pr0n:



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2 responses to “Ooops

  1. You are a good daughter. I love my parents dearly…but I still would have gone with a nice trouser/blazer combo. They despair. What can I say? For what it’s worth, I will be ordering my bridesmaid dress this week for my brother’s wedding and I am certain my folks will be taking pictures until the camera breaks.

    That said, I do love that dress! It is going to look great with the shrug! Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

  2. I love that dress! Want to know where you got it from now… am not very ‘girly’ either but that does make it more exciting when you do get the occasional chance to dress up!

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