Just after 10.00 pm this evening we had a hailstorm, along with lots of thunder and lightning; Bethany has gone camping!



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5 responses to “Hail

  1. We didn’t get the hail here but the rain lashed down with mucho thunder and lightening.

    Hope Bethany enjoyed her camping and that the weather was kinder where she was!!

  2. How cool! No hail here but some fantastic lightning & tons of rain, enough to save me watering plants, and anything that cuts down on housework is all good 🙂

  3. The hail missed Hove; lots of thunder and lightening though!

  4. We didn’t have hail BUT IT WAS EPIC, SO EPIC.
    We were stood on a hillside watching the lightning and going OOOOOH and we got soaked to our bones and we were all barefoot apart from Jack who wasn’t wearing a SHIRT and it was so. Awesome.
    Our campfire got a bit wet though and went out, but we set it alight again and cooked potatoes. My feet are dirty.

  5. We’ve been having storms all summer. But no hail yet. I guess that’s something for which I can be thankful…

    Sounds exciting, though!

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