Anne is back

Anne has spent far too long mucking about on Facebook and is seemingly unable to write in a normal fashion.

Anne tried to get Mollie to write a post for the blog, but she was busy:

Mollie being busy

Mollie being busy


Anne went to her parents’ Golden Wedding celebration, which was very enjoyable and a fitting tribute to the best parents anyone could have

Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad

Anne ate cake too (even though she’s on a diet and has lost 12lb so far)
The cake

The cake

Anne made a card for the occasion
The card

The card


Anne found a great quote for the inside (from the bible, much to her amazement)
The quotation

The quotation

Anne was a bit embarrassed at meeting a former boyfriend at the party, but thought she handled it quite well, all things considered…
Anne was very pleased that her daughters looked lovely and behaved impeccably
Lucy and Bethany

Lucy and Bethany

Anne finished the green shrug in time, but forgot to take pictures!

Anne has been knitting quite a lot but has nothing worth photographing at present.

Anne is extremely pleased to report that both girls did very well in their recent exams and that Lucy has had her place at university confirmed.

Anne has had to spend lots of money as a result of the above 🙂

Anne is wondering why she is such a pushover when it comes to buying stuff for her girls…

Anne is enjoying her week off work but wishes the weather was better.

Anne went to a craft show at the weekend and had a lovely chat with the spinners of the Wealden Guild (no website, unfortunately).


Anne is realising that her memory is no longer reliable – it took a week to remember to pick up a prescription and she has no idea what else she intended to write in this post (but whatever it was, it was hilariously funny, obviously)


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One response to “Anne is back

  1. Anne is doing quite well for herself! 12 pounds down, a little bit of cake and daughters who are making her proud! Anne shouldn’t worry about forgetting prescriptions. Sheepish Annie doesn’t get stressed about that sort of thing. Much…

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