Still tired

I asked Mollie again if she would like to be guest author today, but apparently she was otherwise engaged

Still tired

Still tired

So you’ll have to make do with me.
Last summer, I bought a whole Shetland fleece from the Rare Breeds Show at the Weald & Downland Open Air museum but never did anything more than wash it ( I couldn’t put that off, it stank!). Finally, I have got round to carding it – well, some of it, anyway. I seem to have been carding for hours and have about eight batts of approx 50g each but there is still a whole bag full of fleece left! How can this be? I’m not complaining though – the batts are sooooo soft and sproingy and I can’t wait to start spinning. I’m going to aim for a DK weight and use it for a cabled cardi, hopefully. If there’s any left (which is probably quite likely – there’s tons of the stuff), I’ll try a laceweight for a traditional Shetland pattern. Ambitious? Maybe, but there’s no such word as “can’t”, right?
Shetland fleece and carded batts

Shetland fleece and carded batts

To finish:
pictures of the undeniably green shrug
The undeniably green shrug

The undeniably green shrug

Back view

Back view

sleeve showing stitch detail

sleeve showing stitch detail



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5 responses to “Still tired

  1. It’s a hard life being a kitty – just being so cute takes it out of you!

    Lots of spinning there.

    I absolutely ‘adore’ the green shrug – it is gorgeous!

  2. Ohh I love the shrug – it turned out so well!

    That fleece is indeed sproingy, I’m still debating whether to dye my bit or not! Have been having fun dying roving ;P

  3. Catherine

    I like the shrug, too. Very pretty! Which pattern did you use, please?

  4. Oh these cats!! fancy sleeping when you wanted her!!

    I love your green shrug.

  5. Mmmmm…shetland! I’m spinning some of that tonight as a matter of fact. Yummy stuff!

    And the shrug is gorgeous. Great job, there!

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