New Bag

I intended to post this yesterday but had real trouble getting my pictures to upload and then lost the will to live…


in the past I have heard a lot of unfavourable comments about the knitting yarns available at Hobbycraft but as there wasn’t a store near us I had never paid too much attention. I now find myself working in Crawley at least one day a week so decided to investigate for myself during an unexpectedly long lunch-break (yay for customers who cancel appointments without letting me know!).

I was expecting a choice of acrylic, acrylic or acrylic so was very pleased to discover that there was a good range of Rowan yarns along with Sirdar, Patons and Sublime. But best of all was the discovery of a brand I had never heard of – Palette Yarns. These yarns are exclusive to Hobbycraft (in the UK, anyway) and are very reasonably priced. There are quite a few novelty-type yarns and some stuff that would be ideal for babies and young children, but there are several yarns that really appealed to me in my never-ending quest for 100% wool, reasonably-priced yarn for ruining felting.

I give you:







This was a very quick knit (although it would have been a lot quicker if I hadn’t run out of yarn) on 7mm needles. Mitred squares which are joined as you go, a few rounds of garter and stocking stitch around the top, two one-row buttonholes for handles and an i-cord edge. Bung it in the washing machine with the two pairs of jeans you forgot to wash last week et voilà:







A very sturdy bag; not too big, not too small – I’m rather pleased, actually!



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3 responses to “New Bag

  1. oh that’s really lovely – would be perfect for some of my dodgy handspun! did you make it up? (seem to remember seeing something similar on the Drops site once…)

  2. Well done! I think we all know my love of yarn that can be gotten for a song. Good choices! It all come together beautifully.

  3. Wow! That sounds like an amazing time!!!! And your picture of The Harlot is excellent.

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