and the livin’ is easy

I bought this collapsible tunnel recently after Sheepish Annie had a degree of success with something similar that she purchased for BFK and AGK.

Mollie is usually disinterested to the point of contempt with the little toys and things that I buy/make for her and I thought the same would happen with the red tunnel, but as the pictures show, she loves it. It is now almost 3.00pm and she has been “in the groove” since about 9.30 this morning…



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  1. As I type this, the BFK has taken over the big tunnel. The little one is sort of shredded at this point but I can’t get rid of it since the AGK still loves it and considers it his favorite toy.

    Cats. Go figure! Who knew that something like a simple tunnel might provide hours of joy? Mollie looks positively blissful in there!

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