Knitting Safari

It finally happened after what seems like years of preparation (in fact, it was only a week or two in my case) and was generally deemed to be a success.

Obviously, there were more stalls than just mine, but I hadn’t asked permission to post photos from the other stallholders, so you’ll have to look elsewhere on the net for their angle on things (I’m sure if you click on some of my links to the left, there’ll be more pretty pics).

Lessons learned:

  • Find a venue where you will attract “passing trade” as well as those who have already been made aware of the event
  • set your alarm! (not looking at anyone in particular *Pie*) 🙂
  • take plenty of change – it only takes one £20 note to screw things up completely
  • ensure your sales staff (that’d be Lucy and Bethany, who had their arms twisted to help out their poor old mum) know a bit about the product – “I dunno, it’s just wool, innit?” is probably not the way to answer an enquiry about whether the yarn is suitable for a sweater. I’m jesting here – the girls did ask if they were unsure about anything, but it’s best to be on the safe side.

Everyone who attended, whether as stallholders or visitors, enjoyed themselves so feedback has been all positive.


There was CAKE.




ETA: £145 was raised for “Walk the Walk” in aid of Breast Cancer charities. Yay!



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4 responses to “Knitting Safari

  1. Wow! How exciting!!! Congrats on your big success. I can only imagine how much work it took to get ready for sale day. I’ll bet that any of the lessons you learned were pretty minor and that no one even noticed if there were things you’d like to do differently next time. It looks like a fun time, too. And CAKE!!!! Yay!

    Wish I’d been there. I’d have spent the cats’ college tuition money with no guilt whatsoever. I’m accepting that the money would be better spent on wool…

  2. Bethany

    Are you not going to post the photo of me being SUPER HAPPY TO BE AT THE EVENT?
    And I asked all the questions that we should’ve known the answers to had you properly thought through the implications of having us as your staff. Lucy sat there like a potato, feeding off my knowledge like a parasite. Hissssss.

  3. LOL! am going to actually put it in my will that I have to be late to my own funeral I think…
    It was so much fun – can’t wait till next year!

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