What’s this?


Oh! What a surprise! Mollie has installed herself in yet another bag. She just cannot resist getting into suitcases, lap-top cases, backpacks, shopping bags etc etc. I realise that it is all part of her important and seemingly never-ending search for the nirvana of comfortable sleeping places but it is just a little annoying (I have yet to pack a suitcase without removing her at least three times).

Anyway, this new bag held a much-coveted item



Any ideas?



It’s quite obvious



Yep! My new wheel. Yesterday was my ahem  21st 46th ahem birthday and this lovely lovely lovely piece of equipment was a joint present from everyone except the girls. Am I lucky, or am I lucky?

More wheel porn:


I also had some lovely silver earrings, from Lucy, and some wonderfully warm fluffy slippers from Bethany – thank you.

Of course, being a birthday in the Creek house, there had to be cake


a traditional, hand-made panettone from a lovely little Italian café/pasticceria in the marina at Brighton, called Zingarella’s – well worth a visit if you’re ever down this way.

I’m happy to say that it tastes every bit as good as it looks…



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5 responses to “What’s this?

  1. aww – kitties do love hiding! sunshine drags all my almost-dry laundry off the rack and under the bed and makes nests in it 🙂
    so exciting about the wheel too – are you starting a collection or are you doing to sell your other one off?
    the panettone looks YUM – I might have to pay that place a vist…

  2. peri

    Adorable kitty.

    Love your new toy – want one!

    Cake, cake and more cake – looks delicious.

  3. Yum! Nice looking cake! Hope you had a lovely 21st birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! And what a great way to celebrate. New wheel, cake and a kitty in a bag! Does it get any better than this?

  5. Jen

    Not just me then, mine’s from Plurk rather than Facebook though

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