Nearly there

Well, the presents are just about done (leeeetle bit of knitting left, all the sewing done), the cake is baked and just needs its decoration, and the tree is up. Tomorrow will see acres of wrapping paper and yards of sellotape spread out all over the floor, along with bows, tags, sparkles and the like as I embark on what used to be my favourite part of the Christmas rituals – wrapping the presents. These days, though, my feelings about Christmas tend more towards the “bah! Humbug!” and all that wrapping just seems like yet another chore to be ticked off the list. Maybe a Christmas CD will help…



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3 responses to “Nearly there

  1. Jo

    No I’m not a fan of wrapping, got to wait till my tiny terror is in bed and then get wrapping tonight! Merry Christmas Anne

  2. Bethany

    I am going to be doing some serious present prodding on Tuesday.

  3. Oddly, when it’s all over, I suddenly feel all Chrismassy. Here’s hoping that CD does the trick!

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