New Year, new update

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and have recovered from the traditional surfeit of mince pies, chocolate and alcohol.
There does not seem to have been much fibre-related content on this ‘ere blog for a while so I will make amends forthwith:

The “Swing Swing” pictures are my latest project (pattern available here) for which I’m using some Noro Cash Iroha – a lovely blend of silk, lambswool, cashmere and nylon. I’ve had a couple of  disasters washing issues with some much-loved hand-knits, resulting in sweaters that no longer fit as they should and a distinct lack of choice in my wardrobe of winter woollies, so decided that this cardi would be not only a great use of the yarn but also increase my options for warmth and style… well, that’s the idea, anyway. Top-down raglan, no seams, no buttonholes – what could be better?

The bag was a Christmas present knitted by my lovely sister-in-law, Sandy, who is a recent convert to knitting. She has already produced a number of these wonderful bags in her “spare” time and I think she is looking into selling them. I think she should, as they are very well made and she has chosen some lovely combinations of colour and texture.

The corriedale roving was a surprise birthday present from Kate (a.k.a. Pie). I was going to spin it up during my sojourn at the parents’ over Christmas, but decided that it needed more particular attention than my over-fed, booze-addled, up-to-its-limits-in-chocolate, trivial-pursuited-out brain could manage. I want to split it in three as evenly as possible and make a true 3-ply with it, rather than a navajo-plied yarn. Thanks to Mum, Dad and OH, I now have a fourth bobbin and a “Katie-a-go-go” which should help enormously.

The Knit Picks Options starter set was an acquisition from my recent work-related trip to Bristol (well, there has to be some compensation for two five-hour train journeys, doesn’t there?) I am well and truly smitten with these needles and hope that it will not be too long before the collection expands…

Lastly, there is the badger fleece  shetland/tussah silk blend which was given to me by Bethany and which is going to be a 2-ply, probably around sport or DK weight. No particular project in mind yet, but there’s 400g so it could become something fairly large.

I did do some Christmas knitting this year – usually try to avoid it as the deadlines become unworkable and too stressful – but I forgot to take pictures before wrapping (what a numpty). My big bruv got some socks and SIL and nieces got machine-knitted, hand-finished cashmere neck warmers along with a tote bag each, made from some very sturdy canvas-type fabric that started out as table-runners until I brandished the sharp scissors and subjected it to a thorough going-over with the sewing machine. They may not have been the most glamorous presents, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Peace and love for 2009.


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  1. All sorts of fibery goodness for the start of the New Year! Yay!!! Happy 2009!

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