Long time, no see

Well, it’s not entirely my fault; my internet was out of action for a week. Don’t know what happened, one minute it was fine, the next – nothing. I spent the best part of Saturday evening fiddling with the router, phoning various helplines and generally becoming more and more enraged and frustrated, but to no avail. Then, just as suddenly, the following Saturday – connection! I have no idea what the problem was, except that it was the responsibility of the internet provider. I suppose that in eight years of continuous internet usage, one week of downtime is not a bad record, but it felt like my life was on hold…

Anyway, the enforced break from messing around in the ether has meant that I have a finished Swing Swing – 19 days from start to finish:

Swing swing complete

Swing swing complete

It was a very straightforward knit with no modifications save for a purl ridge at the start of the neck edging as well as a turning ridge. I used some Noro Cash Iroha bought at half-price in a sale some time ago, so the net result is a very warm, wearable, expensive-looking cardi which didn’t break the bank. Cash Iroha is lovely – 40% silk, 30% lambswool, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon – yummy.

Swing swing back view

Swing swing back view

Swing swing front

Swing swing front

Swing swing clasp detail

Swing swing clasp detail

There has also been spinning – the badger fleece shetland/silk blend that Bethany gave me for Christmas is almost done (no photos yet, though). Last weekend, I thought I was three-quarters of the way through but when I weighed the finished skeins, I discovered that what should have been 400g (as it said on the packaging, and what had been paid for) was in fact only 300g. Bethany sent an email and two days later the mistake was put right, along with an extra 50g as compensation. This was from World of Wool so congrats to them for sorting out the problem so quickly and without fuss. On the strength of this fine example of customer service I have just ordered some corriedale tops from them, along with nylon fibres (for a sock-yarn blend) and some sparkly nylon for playing pretties. Drum carder, here we come….



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5 responses to “Long time, no see

  1. Lovely jacket and thanks for the tip about World of Wool. Lots of yummy stuff there.

    By the way, where did you get the clasp for your jacket. I have a friend who is looking for one just like it.

  2. Swing, Swing is gorgeous!!!! I can see that one getting a great deal of wear. And if the yarn was a bargain as well, you win!

    I don’t know as I could live for a week without the internet. That is sort of a sad commentary on my life, but there it is. Congrats on making it though!

  3. pie

    oh am glad world of wool fixed their mistake! (and sent extra too!)
    I love your swing swing, I think I might need to have a go at one myself 🙂

  4. peri

    Lovely jacket – I adore the fastner you used.

  5. ra

    Love the cardigan (jacket?) it’s a beautiful colour too. When I lost my internet for no particular resaon it was worse than when I broke my ankle as far as feeling isolated was concerned. Bit sad really!

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