No excuses

Last weekend was quite a busy one, so blogging got pushed to one side (again). I had to see a man about a kitchen – ours is disintegrating rapidly and is in deperate need of refurbishment, but I don’t know where the money’s gonna come from.

Lucy went back to uni last weekend (talk about a loooooong Christmas break…) so that was Sunday taken care of – another rainy drive to Oxford!

In the meantime, I have been making stuff

Hat for mum

Hat for mum

Mum and Dad, ever the intrepid travellers, have booked another cruise holiday, this time to South America. I can’t remember the whole itinerary, but it includes Chile, the Falkland Islands and Rio de Janeiro. Going that far south at this time of year (they’re going at the end of February) is likely to be rather cold so warm headgear is needed and when one of the best knitters you know requests a hat, you have to jump up to the mark pretty damn sharpish! It’s knitted in Twilleys Freedom Spirit and was felted at 50 degrees, then stretched over my own head (only the best for my mum…). Dad doesn’t wear hats apart from a rather battered old tweed cap, but has been persuaded that something to cover his ears might be a good idea. I am currently swatching some handspun wensleydale, with the idea of a reversible hat faced with black cashmere…should be toasty warm and gentle on the most sensitive of ears.

The badger fleece black shetland/tussah silk mix is all spun up now – 450g, aran weight, approx 1000yds

c. 450g

c. 450g

No definite plans for this yet – just waiting for the right pattern to come up and sock me in the jaw.

Then there’s this:

Close-up of "Neptune"

Close-up of "Neptune"

100% corriedale, hand-dyed by Spindlefrog (she’s an Etsy seller, I think) which has made 366 yds of fingering-weight 3-ply. This was a birthday pressie from Pie who obviously has a great eye for colour. Yesterday, Pie and a couple of other friends came round to mine to have a go at using a drumcarder and Pie produced some wonderful light and airy batts in gorgeous colours – no photos unfortunately as I forgot to get my camera out, but they were absolutely lovely. We had a great day and have managed to aspinnerate another innocent soul – Harvey has agreed to buy my old wheel so she is well and truly over to the dark side now…mwa ha ha.

Finally, I thought you might like to know what Mollie has been up to… well, this, mostly:

Lazy cat

Lazy cat



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3 responses to “No excuses

  1. Lucy

    Mollie is not lazy, she’s working. And I’ll have you know I’ve been doing quite a lot of her kind of work over the past week… 😀

  2. Hmmm…is that what it would take to get my dad out of his old, tweed driving cap? Something has to give here!!!

    But I’m currently knitting another one of those “dishcloths” (with sleeves) so I suppose that will have to wait. Good to see you an Mollie back on the webs!

  3. I love the badger fleece! Oh how yummy! And Molly 🙂

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