Just had a post lined up to publish and managed to hit the exit button by mistake! Grrrr!
Anyway, not much going on in the Creek household at present. I’ve been knitting, spinning and dyeing but as the knitting is mostly black, it doesn’t photograph well and the spinning was just some odds and sods that I was experimenting with. The dyeing is still drying and will be posted on my Folksy shop soon, I hope.

I’ve just been trying to find out the cheapest way for Bethany and me to travel up to London next Saturday, but my mind is now so utterly boggled I haven’t booked anything and don’t know whether I will…

We could get special day-saver tickets on the train for £13.50 each, which I thought was OK but then decided to look up coach travel and that’s where the confusion started. We could get a coach from Newhaven but it would cost slightly more than the train; if we drove into Brighton and picked up the same coach, a mere 8 miles further along its journey, it would only be £8.25 each (inc. booking fee), but I’d have to park the car somewhere and factor in the cost of petrol etc.

I’m inclining more towards the train as we can get any train we like whereas the coach tickets require travel on a specified journey – if we miss that coach, the extra fare incurred will wipe out any savings.

The trip to London is supposed to be a (slightly early) Mother’s Day treat for me, meeting up with Lucy for the day, but organising it is giving me brain fatigue…

The fact that I am having such difficulties making up my mind about what to do is rather worrying – indecision like this is often the first sign (for me) of a slide into depression, and is not what I want at the moment.



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2 responses to “Grrrrrr!

  1. This time of year is tricky for depression, I find. We have seasonal issues around here relating to the limited daylight, plus the weather can be a bit off-putting.

    I tend to go with whatever is easiest when it comes to travel. If I have to think about it too hard when booking then I will certainly miss a connection when en route! I suppose I end up spending more that way, though…

    Maybe you should just flip a coin?

  2. Get the train! Coaches are much more faffing about and they SMELL and you might have to sit next to the toilet. Train is just quicker & easier all round, job done. You still might have to sit next to the toilet but at least it won’t take so blimmin long, and you don’t have to then also pick up the car and drive miles home when you get back.

    xx pie – your friendly local decision-maker. Just don’t ask me too often, I’m a Libran and it might explode my brain.

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