The intahwebs is too big

And takes up far too much of my time – if I wasn’t constantly faffing around on Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry and Folksy or searching for bargains elsewhere online, I’d be a lot more productive and my yarn mountain stash might actually start to diminish (unlikely, if I’m honest). I’m finding more and more that my imagination has run dry when I start to write a blog post, because I’ve already shared the latest news/FO/spinning/gossip/whatever on one or more of the aforementioned sites. So, forgive me if you’ve seen or heard any of this before…

Things on Folksy are going quite well; there have been lots of viewings of my stuff and a few sales, but most importantly the feedback so far has all been positive, which makes me very happy 🙂

We spent Easter with my parents – only a couple of days but it was the first time I’d seen them since Christmas so definitely worth the trip (plus, my mum makes the best Sunday Roasts in the world, ever!)

Mum and Dad have recently returned from their South American Adventure – a cruise holiday which called at Valparaiso in Chile, the Darwin and Magellan straits (I think – not too hot on geography), Cape Horn, the Falkland Islands, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. They had a fabulous time and saw some wonderful scenery, including penguins and seals in their natural habitat. Of course, in the Falklands, they saw a lot of sheep and we all know that sheep = fleece, right? Some of that lovely fleece found its way back to Blighty and into my hot little hands. I washed it as soon as I got home and spent most of Tuesday carding it up. This particular lot of fibre seemed to be full of static, which I haven’t encountered before with wool, so I spent an inordinate amount of time shaking my hands in vain, scraping them against the edge of the table, poking about with pointy sticks and swearing rather a lot in an attempt to get the fibre into neat, orderly batts instead of floaty little wisps of angel-hair. The recalcitrant fluff is now safely ensconced in a bag, awaiting its fate. Success is mine!

I am very hopeful that this gorgeous stuff will soon turn itself into a light and fluffy 2ply lace- or fingering-weight yarn, with which I will be able to knit a will-o’-the-wisp, light-as-air…erm…thingy…er…shawl? Scarf? Any suggestions welcome…

Right, I’m off now, got some twittering knitting to do!


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  1. Hey, you blog when you can. It’s not like a job, right? Good to hear from you, though! I’d say a shawl sounds like the way to go with the wispy, wafting yarn-to-be. I can sort of picture it working up into something like that…

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