Things I did today…

Today I have been mostly washing fleece; last year we went on a visit to a local-ish farm that was having an open day/watch the shearing/buy organic meat kind of event and I bought a fleece. I expressed an interest in the fleeces so the farmer’s wife picked one out that she thought would be good for spinning, sheared it and I bundled it into the car whilst it was still warm. Over the past week or so, I have finally got round to washing it – or some of it, anyway. I think I’ve washed about 600-800 grams and it looks as though I’ve hardly made a dent in it – there must be at least another 1500g left. It does rather remind me of the bouffant hairpiece that Amy Winehouse wears, so from now on it will be known as the Winehouse fleece, even though it is actually a Hebridean.

some-of-the-fleeceIt’s not especially soft, but would make lovely outer-wear or bags or – if I ever get a loom – rugs.


Earlier on in the week, I started knitting some socks from my first-ever handspun sock yarn. All was well until I got to the leg (I was doing toe-up), when I realised that the lovely lacy pattern that was looking so nice on the arch of the foot was not lining up properly around the leg.  Despite lots of muttering, swearing and sighing, I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong so the whole thing was dropped in the frog pond. The disappointment was immense and I could have cried but the yarn has been rewound, un-kinked and sits patiently awaiting its reincarnation as a pair of socks that works!

In the meantime, I am working on a pair of rainbow socks in Shoppel-Wolle Zauberball (no photos yet, camera needs charging) which really is magic. I watched about six hours of trash on TV last night without even noticing as I was so entranced by the colour-changes. The socks won’t be identical but that just makes them more interesting, in my view, and makes the colours stand out even more – can’t wait to wear them!

Have also made a  worthwhile discovery today: Newhaven Marina (oooh! There’s a live webcam!) and the riverside walk have undergone a total transformation in recent years, making it a much more pleasant place for a Sunday afternoon stroll, but the improvements meant the loss of the Coral Cabin Cafe. This was a little greasy spoon, housed in a portacabin, that served fry-ups, builders’ tea and very cheap Sunday Roasts as well as Spotted Dick, sticky buns and the like; its demise was greatly mourned by many local people, but the new development now boasts “The Captain’s Table” – a brand-spanking-new cafe with folding glass doors that open onto a patio area filled with tubs of flowers and hanging baskets. It’s a bit more up-market than its predecessor (no bad thing, really) and I can personally recommend the Ploughman’s Lunch. The home-made cakes looked pretty good, too…I’ll let you know about those in future editions 🙂



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2 responses to “Things I did today…

  1. There is something so incredibly satisfying about having a fleece drying. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something amazing. Even before the spinning starts!

    Now I must go look at the web cam. I am a fool for web cams…

  2. Wow. That marina webcam is /so/ interesting, I can barely stand it. I might have to not look at it for a long time, because it’s just so amazing.

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