It’s OK…

… I found the emergency chocolate supply, so I feel almost normal again. Don’t really know why I wasn’t feeling normal, but I wasn’t. OK now though.

So, Friday saw me wending my way westwards to retrieve Lucy from her student flat and transport her back into the bosom of her family for the summer. Seems like only yesterday that I was dreading the day she  went off to uni and severed the apron strings, and here she is, back again already! Nightmare drive home – M25 was doing a very good impression of a car park so it took 4 hours to travel 115 miles, not fun.

A strange thing happened earlier on this afternoon… my wrists and forearms seemed to be taking on strange colours, a bit of yellow here, some blue splodges there…red blotches… a new variant of swine flu possibly? Nah, I’ve been splooshing the dye pots again:

4 ply merino rainbowA rainbow(ish) of 4 ply merino; there is a project in mind for this multi-coloured confection, but nothing  definite yet.

Now, I need a bit of help, please.

I have been using up leftovers again and have ended up with this creature:

Creature 1 Cute, huh?

Creature 2He/she/it does not have a name or a back-story, so what I propose is that you, dear reader(s), send me a name and a short biography (nothing flash, just a couple of lines) by 31st May to this address and the winning entry (as chosen by the judging panel*) will be able to choose any item from my Folksy shop. I look forward to hearing from you.

*Judging panel to consist of me and whichever daughter(s) happen to be around at the time 🙂



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3 responses to “It’s OK…

  1. I think his name is Tufty.

    He is the president of a club that he started on the back of a school coach in the 1970s.

  2. Hmmm…I’ll have to think on this one. My brain has stopped working right with the change of seasons. I’m walking through mud mentally these days.

    But he is awfully cute! (I guess I’ve decided that he is a boy…)

  3. Have emailed you my entry! Good luck everyone, xXx

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