Busy busy busy

First up, I haven’t forgotten about the competition from the last post, but I will wait until after midnight tonight before choosing a winner, just in case there are any last minute entries. I should also say that the winner can choose “The Creature” as their prize if there is nothing in my Folksy shop that takes their fancy.

Anyway, I’m sitting out in the garden to write this, after a day of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine – much too nice to be stuck indoors. The garden has acquired some new plants today – six tomato plants and two pepper plants, so hopefully I’ll be able to eat home-grown salad this summer and maybe even home-grown ratatouille. Yum.

Handspun socks!! Yay! I’ve finally managed to complete a pair of socks from my very own handspun yarn, a blend of blue-faced Leicester and nylon, 3-plied and dyed with Landscape dyes in…um…can’t remember the colours, it was left-overs I think. I can’t begin to say how pleased I am to have produced these socks, but I hardly dare wear them now…

Handspun KiilaI was not sure about this pattern as I was knitting it, as I didn’t think the twisted stitches showed up very well, but as you can see, when worn the pattern is very obvious. This was a mystery sock-a-long by Yarnissima (Ravelry linky) and was a very well-written pattern.

With those finished, my sock needles were feeling rather naked so I had to find another pair. A friend had bought a copy of Yarn Forward magazine, which I am not generally very keen on, but this issue had a lovely sock pattern, so I bought my own copy and leapt straight in:

Salzburg twisted stitch sockRegia silk, 2.25mm needles, lots of cursing about pesky twisted stitches, but hopefully all worth it. (Ravelry linky). The instructions could be a bit clearer, especially with regard to which bit of the charts is to be repeated, but I’m muddling through.

Yesterday, three friends (Pie, Emma’s Monsters and Jenny Leggings) and I went off to Eastbourne in search of a new yarn shop that we had heard about. Tucked away down a little alley, in the charmingly-named “The Labyrinth” was Yarn Over, a gem of a yarn shop with beautiful yarns and a really warm welcome. Comfy sofas, tea, coffee and biscuits, practice yarns and needles, swift and ball-winder – heaven. Will definitely be going again. We all spent money, in my case on some gorgeous Manos silk blend (30% silk, 70% merino) in rich autumn tones, already well on its way to becoming a crochet shawl (yeah! Crochet! Wanna make something of it?)

Manos silk blend crochetDelicious, isn’t it?



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2 responses to “Busy busy busy

  1. I love the socks you made from hand-spun yarn, the colour works really well. I’m also in love with the litle sock you added a picture of at the end, absolutely adorable!

  2. One of the first things I knit with handspun singles was a pair of socks. Of course they were the two needle variety and not at all well-executed. But I do treasure them! Yours look amazing. Well done!

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