Competition Winner:

After long and detailed consideration, the jury (Lucy, Bethany and me) decided that there was one clear winner, Joe, who is a very talented cartoonist (see his work here).

His winning entry was quite charming and the final decision was unanimous; this is how he charmed us all:

His name is Jeremy. (yes, it’s a boy.)
Jeremy lives in the garden shed and loves sprinklers and growing things. He often sneaks out and plants things when no one’s looking and is able to make them grow at amazing speeds by just doing an elaborate and beautiful dance. Since the new plants are fully grown when you come across them you just assume they must have aways been there. So now you know…

Joe has chosen Jeremy as his prize, so the little creature will be off on his travels very soon.

In other news, yesterday saw Kate, Sandy and me head off to Coventry for a UK Ravelry event involving yarn, fibre, cake, knitting, gossip and laughter. Despite the disgusting weather (rain ALL day), we had a great time and my bank balance is somewhat smaller than before, thanks to the wicked temptresses showing their wares and enticing us with colour and texture that made us squeal with happiness.

See what I mean:

Teeswater fibre from Old Maiden Aunt

Teeswater fibre from Old Maiden Aunt

BFL humbug from Babylonglegs

BFL humbug from Babylonglegs

Assorted fibres from Natural Dye Studio

Assorted fibres from Natural Dye Studio

Happy Happy Happy!



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2 responses to “Pretties

  1. What a shame I didn’t see you there, I would have said hello. You may have noticed me I was the fully waterproofed girl on the three wheeled scooter! I too spent a small fortune at Ravelry Day. Despite the rain, wasn’t it a lovely atmosphere and the products on the stalls were amazing.

  2. Good Lord!

    Were you there too? I was teaching a class in the morning but then was on the wander for the rest of the day. We need to get organized for the next one in Scotland.

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