Filling in the gaps

Another long gap between posts -what can I say? There are two excuses reasons really; this is the first one, long overdue, but worth the turmoil, although I am now unable to afford any food to cook on my gorgeous new cooker 😦 .

This is the second.

Am pretty much recovered now, though still have a cough. Needless to say, there has been very little in the way of knitting and even less spinning going on chez Creek, although there has been much drooling and coveting via da intawebz. Last week I received my annual performance-related bonus from work and am now desperately trying to justify purchasing a weaving loom – nothing fancy, just a foldable rigid-heddle loom – but there are so many other calls on my hard-earned dosh (the kitchen, an up-coming 21st birthday, car tax, bread, water, yada yada) that I may have to wait a while longer…not fair!  ‘Scuse me whilst I sulk.



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3 responses to “Filling in the gaps

  1. Liz

    Lovely kitchen – enjoy it!!

  2. The kitchen is fabulous, but it can’t have been fun while it was getting done. We are about to have the house re-wired and I am dreading it because there will be no escaping the chaos.

    Hope you are feeling better now the flu is on its way out.

  3. Yikes! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. That flu is nothing to mess with. The last time I got a bad flu bug, I ended up with pneumonia (aka The Great Monkey Pox Debacle…) Keep resting as long as you need to.

    Looms are nice. Looms are useful. You had the flu. You might deserve a loom. I’m just sayin’…

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